Brand New in a Factory Sealed Box
Autopia Ion Projector Xenon White Fog Light Kit
1997-2000 Acura CL


The heavy duty metal enclosures are painted with three layers of high gloss automotive paint and clear coated for a rust proof and durable finish (note: fog light enclosure shapes shipped will vary depending on the year and model of your vehicle).


Just like a true ion projector system, this ion projector fog light kit uses a dual system in which each fog light has two glass enclosures in a single fog light for a very unique look and even beam pattern. Most ion projector fog lights on the market are not true ion projector fog lights because they only utilize a single glass system, which makes them the same as any standard fog light. Additionally, our glass lenses will stay clear for the life of the vehicle unlike the factory plastic fog lights that turn yellow over time.


Our glass lenses are over 1mm thick and the combined fog lights weight is close to 3 lbs. Most other fog light companies use 0.5mm thick lenses. There is no other ion projector fog light brand on the market that has nearly as thick glass lenses or uses as heavy duty materials as this fog light kit.


Our hand polished heavy duty steel mounting brackets feature two mounting holes to prevent the fog light beams from vibrating during daily driving (note: fog light bracket shapes shipped will vary depending on the year and model of your vehicle).


Our heavy duty wiring kits feature fully insulated weatherproof wiring with 9 feet of wiring between the two fog lights. No self-wire extending needed! Our kit includes an LED power switch with double sided 3M tape on the backside, so that it can be mounted anywhere on the interior of the vehicle with no drilling required.


The fog light wires have matching copper connectors on the ends so that they can be plugged directly into the wiring kit that is included with this auction for a quick, easy, and error proof installation.


A heavy duty 30-amp relay is included to safely turn the lights on and off. An inline fuse is included to protect the fog lights and electrical system from electric spikes and shock.


Our kit includes a pair of 55w clear fog light bulbs plus a free pair of 55w 4300k xenon blue fog light bulbs! A $16.95 value free!!


Our kit includes a three page installation manual and user’s guide as well as installation customer service technicians to help answer any questions that you may have.


An LED ring option is free upon request. To add an LED ring to the fog lights that illuminate in all 7 colors shown, please just state “add LEDs” in the notes section when submitting payment via Otherwise, the fog lights that you receive will be standard fog lights with no LED ring. The LEDs include all 7 colors shown, and the included power switch is mounted in the cabin of the vehicle and can control the LEDs to remain on each of the individual 7 colors. Click on the picture of the vechicle to enlarge.